Creature-battler Outernauts: Monster Battle has just gone global on iPhone and iPad

By , on June 2, 2014
Last modified 10 years, 1 month ago

Having been in soft launch for several weeks, Insomniac's free-to-play creature-catcher Outernauts: Monster Battle has been launched worldwide on iPhone and iPad.

As with so many creature-fight simulators, you must gather all kinds of bizarre beasts to battle for you in your quest to become number one on PETA’s most wanted list.

Outernauts does offer a few twists on the classic formula, however, with its strategic combat far more rapid than similar titles.

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The game’s social aspects also do a lot to set it apart. PvP arena’s let you battle other players online, pitting your collection of handdrawn monsters against theirs.

Online leaderboards ensure you can quantifiably prove you are the best trainer in the land, and, indeed, if you have caught them all. You are also able to form alliances with other players to battle together in bi-monthly challenges.

Outernauts: Monster Battle began life as a Facebook game, but financial pressures have resulted in Insomniac closing down the browser based original in favour of this new iOS port. If you are worried about the studio’s cash flow, however, then you are free to invest in the game’s multiple in-app purchases to help them out.

You can catch Outernauts: Monster Battle on the App Store now. 

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Source: Gamasutra