Free vertical shooter Final Flight of the Perseus gets new Expert Mode

By , on June 3, 2014
Last modified 9 years, 12 months ago

Final Flight of the Perseus is a vertical shmup developed by Third Party Ninjas. Despite already being free, the team has clearly decided that it wasn't offering enough value, and has just added a new Expert Mode.

The wave-based shump offers short bursts of icreasingly challenging sci-fi combat. Every enemy killed earns you in-game cash, which you can then spend on upgrades to power up your cannons, or to replenish your shields.

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As any good star pilot will tell you, dropping to zero shields in Final Flight of the Perseus is dangerous. This is where the new Expert Mode comes in, encouraging you to flight in this prone state to earn double cash rewards.

Resist the urge to power up your shields, and you quickly find yourself able to buy all the upgrades you could possibly want. However, you have to weigh these potential benefits against the gambit of encountering a boss in the randomly generated levels, and losing all of your bounty in a single hit.

With intuitive one to one controls, and Game Center leaderboards, Final Flight of the Perseus is a fully-featured shmup that you can enjoy for free right now.

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