Double Fine’s Broken Age is coming to iPad in 'a matter of weeks'

By , on June 3, 2014
Last modified 10 years, 1 month ago

Act 1 of Double Fine’s point-and-click adventure Broken Age is finally on its way to the App Store.

It was over two years ago that Double Fine took to Kickstarter to launch Broken Age, then titled Double Fine Adventure. After smashing its $400,000 goal, the first development update announced that the game would also be coming for iOS. 

Now, six months after the game was launched on PC for backers, Double Fine has announced that the iPad version of Broken Age Act 1 is “in the final stretch” and should be in our hands in “a matter of weeks."

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Broken Age tells the story of two characters: a boy trapped on a spaceship by an overbearing AI guardian, and a girl who is preparing to be sacrificed to prevent a monster from ravaging her village. Though the themes of the game are timeless, the deliberatley old school nature of the point-and-click gameplay makes Broken Age a perfect fit for the iPad's touchscreen. 

We will be sure to let you know Broken Age's exact release date as soon as it is confirmed.