Free-to-play shmup Sky Force 2014 has just flown onto the App Store

By , on June 5, 2014
Last modified 9 years, 8 months ago

Sky Force was an impressive-looking mobile shump back in the Java days of 2004. Now, ten years later, Infinite Dreams has bought it back as free-to-play shooter Sky Force 2014.

A lot has changed in a decade, most notably in the visual department.

While the original looked good for its time, this new instalment is stunning. The 3D graphics models bring notable depth to the smooth top-down combat. This is made all the more impressive thanks to the beautiful explosion and lighting effects that fill every screen.

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The one-to-one touch controls have you dragging your little ship around the screen constantly shooting its cannons. However, in an interesting twist to this tried and tested system, removing your finger from the screen slows time, allowing you to work out your next move.

It follows the classic shmup formula, so get ready for plenty of intense bullet dodging punctuated with huge boss fights.

To beat these challenges, you will need to invest in plenty of upgrades. These allow you to power up your shields, missiles, lasers, and assorted other ship functions to give you the edge. Each improvement can be bought with stars that can be earned or purchased in-app.

Sky Force 2014 is currently free on the App Store.

[App Store link]