First episode of stealth hacker Republique is now available free on iPhone and iPad

By , on June 5, 2014
Last modified 10 years ago

The first episode of Camouflaj’s episodic stealth game Republique is currently available for free on the App Store.

Set in a dystopian future, Republique has you helping a girl named Hope as she flees for her life through an oppressive city state. Acting remotely, you view the action through security cameras, hacking various electronics in the world to clear a path, and letting Hope know when its safe to run.

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Hacking games seems quite de rigueur at the moment, exemplified by apps like Watch_Dogs Companion: ctOS Mobile. Featuring tons of computer tinkering fun, this tie in to Watch_Dogs gives you control of the city's security system, letting you chase down console and PC gamers from your moible device.

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We largely enjoyed Republique, and would recommend you grab the first part while its free. If you like it then you can pick up the second chapter for £2.99 / $4.99, or buy the season pass for £10.49 / $14.99.

[App Store link]