Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS is coming to the US App Store

By , on June 6, 2014
Last modified 10 years, 1 month ago

Capcom’s Monster Hunter series has always been popular in Japan, but has struggled to make the transition to western markets. Now, having been out in its home territory for some time, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS is making its way to to other markets.

Monster Hunter is an apt title for a series that has you hunt, trap, and kill monsters for the valuable materials they offer. These can then be crafted to form more powerful equipment in order to hunt larger creatures. The satisfying feedback loop this provides is further enhanced by the multiplayer aspect, in which hunting larger game requires you to work as a team - all fulfilling different roles in the hunt.

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The series' popularity in Japan has always been put down to a different gaming culture with more young gamers meeting and playing together on mobile consoles. This has always been a less common in the UK and US. Until now that is, with the rise of iPhone and iPad leading to increasingly more situations when friends are together with means to play.

When Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS releases in the West it will be interesting to see if this shift in culture will help the series garner same level of popularity it enjoys in Japan.

Until then, we will be hunting for more information on its release date.