Chillingo's Mech lets you battle 8 players online in massive robot deathmatches

By , on June 11, 2014
Last modified 9 years, 11 months ago

Chillingo’s upcoming third-person shooter Mech lets you pilot your very own Mechanized Assault Walker, and battle players around the world.

Developed by Small Impact games and utilising the Unreal Engine 3, Mech certainly looks the part, featuring a decent selection of impressively rendered metal monstrosities.

The combat lets you pit your skills against up to eight players in competitive online matches. Learning the layout of the four futuristic arenas will help you discover different tactical options, giving you the edge on your foes.

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You can select one of 12 different walkers to pilot. By customising your loadout from the game’s 28 different weapons you can match your battle armour's abilities to your play style.

Whether you want to snipe with railgun, get up close and personal with the shotgun, or just blow things up with the rocketlauncher, Mech will give you an outlet for your questionable passions.

A clan system will also be in place, letting you join forces with friends to climb leader boards in weekly tournaments.

Mech is due to be unleashed on the App Store later this year.