Warhammer Quest has had its price smashed

By , on June 16, 2014
Last modified 9 years, 11 months ago

Rodeo Games’s interpretation of Games Workshop’s table-top board game Warhammer Quest has juat had its price dropped on the App Store.

This strategic turn-based strategy game is a fantastic interpretation of the old board game. Drawing on a cast that spans from archers to wizards, you must build a squad of suitably stereotypical fantasy fighters to take on quests.

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With dozens of dungeons and other subterranean areas to journey through you will have to master all of the game’s tactics, magic, and big swords if you hope to emerge victorious against the forces of chaos.

Careful construction of your team is vital. Archers prove invaluable at range, but placing one in front of an attacking ork horde quickly sees their arsenal chopped into firewood and the unfortunate bow wielder mashed into pate.

Warhammer Quest offers hours of turn-based action, and at the current price of 69p / 99c it’s the kind of deal you would normally only get if you were wearing +3 Boots of Bargaining.

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