Trials Frontier receives a new island in its latest update

By , on July 11, 2014

Redlynx’s free-to-play iPhone interpretation of its Trials franchise, Trials Frontier, has just been given a huge update that adds an extra track-filled island to the game.

This new landmass is named Reaper’s Finger and is not for the faint of heart. Designed for fans of the game who have been demanding more challenge, the six tracks contained on it are intended to test all of your skills.

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Another huge addition to the game is control customisation. The already responsive interface now allows you to reposition its four control buttons anywhere around the screen. This should let experts carve an extra few seconds off their time or - if you’re anything like us - help you get over that boulder that's been blocking your path since you last put down the game.

Add to this the standard selection of tweaks and upgrades, and you have yourself a gas tank full of update fun.

The update is live now. You can download it, and Trials Frontier, from the App Store for free - just be wary of the deluge of in-app purchase prompts if you're on a budget.

[App Store link]