My Little Pony squares off with the Minecraft-like building game Blocksworld HD

By , on July 15, 2014

Linden Lab’s Minecraft-esque building game Blocksworld HD is about to get infused with friendship and magic with the My Little Pony block set.

Blocksworld HD lets you make all manner of environments with its range of building tools. From buildings, to vehicles, and even characters, the game supplies you with all manner of guides to inspire your creations.

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This new block set lets you build Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and the rest of the My Little Pony cast to prance around in a world of your very own design. 

It isn't the first time the Pony’s owners Hasbro has joined forced with Blocksworld HD. If the technicolour equines are not your toy of choice, then you can always check out the Transformers blocks that are already available.

You can download Blocksworld HD for free now from the App Store, where you can find its premium block sets available as an IAP.

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