Final Fantasy VII is coming to iOS and Android in October, sort of

By , on September 9, 2014

Here at AppSpy, we're big fans of Square Enix's mobile JRPGs, and we've been waiting patiently for the Japanese giant to announce the legendary Final Fantasy VII for mobiles for quite some time.

That wait is finally over.

Well, kind of.

Square Enix has announced Dive In for mobiles in Japan, a cloud service that allows you to play games streamed over the Internet. First games on the block for distribution? The tepidly received Final Fantasy XIII and stone-cold PlayStation classic Final Fantasy VII.

Much like the ill-fated OnLive, Dive In doesn't download the game to your device for play at any time. Instead you constantly stream a video feed of the game running on a supercomputer, which you control remotely. You'll need a connection that's at least 3MBs a second, but Squeenix is suggesting that double that is best for the optimum play experience.

There are two more catches if you want to see Cloud and the gang in action on your mobile or tablet any time soon. First, you'll need to live in Japan, as the service is only confirmed for that territory. Second, the service is subscription based, so you won't be owning the game, merely renting it. Each game comes with a 30 minute trial, but if you want to play any more it'll cost you big time.

A 3 day rental of Final Fantasy VII is 200 yen ($1.88 / £1.17), while a year's access will set you back 1,429 yen ($13.45 / £8.36).

Square Enix has announced other games scheduled for launch on Dive In, including Final Fantasy VIII, The Last Remnant, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Murdered: Soul Suspect, and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Dive In launches for iOS and Android devices on October 9th in Japan, we've reached out to Square Enix for confirmation of whether the service is destined for Europe or North America.

Thanks Siliconera