Drift Girls is basically Initial D meets LovePlus meets Out Run, and I have exploded at the thought of such a game existing

By , on November 3, 2014

If you were to take the drifting of a game like Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune or Initial D, and then mix it in with a dating sim, like Animal Boyfriend, you'd get Drift Girls, a mobile video game I think I would knife my gran for, just for a chance to play it.

The trailer below is a bit sexy, the music a bit loud, and the drifting a bit ridiculous - all of which is A-OK with me. But it's the concept as a whole that I'm completely in love with: they've basically made a whole game out of the girlfriend from Out Run 2.

Watch the trailer, and weep at the fact that this iOS / Android title probably isn't coming to the west.

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If you can read Korean, you can pre-register here. It makes me sad that I can't.

Via Siliconera, which is a very nice website.