Sex Pistols rocker Johnny Rotten admits to blowing £10,000 on F2P iPad games

By , on November 20, 2014

Feeling a little silly for spending so much of your hard-earned dosh on supposedly ‘free-to-play’ iPad games? Well allow us to assuage that feeling by bringing you the news that John Lydon, AKA Johnny Rotten, has supposedly spent a whopping £10,000 on IAPs in the last two years.

The former Sex Pistols star and face of the Country Life adverts spoke to the Telegraph about his recent extravagance, and claimed that “(he) just wanted to up the ante”.

“And like an idiot I didn't check myself. I've been checked now. But there's a kid in me, see? A bit of my childhood was taken from me and I'm determined to bring it back."

Lydon can safely consider the ante upped, after spending over £10,000 on free-to-play hits such as Game of Thrones: Ascent, Game of War, and Real Racing.

This is unusual behaviour for Lydon, who has never been one to splash the cash. In fact, he considers his PlayStation to be a decent alternative: "I'm not a bloke who wants a Ferrari in the garage. If I want to drive a Ferrari I've got PlayStation."

Now, who wants to bet that Lydon has already purchased the rather ridiculous £120 Jaguar XJ13 in Gran Turismo 6?

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Thanks, The Telegraph.