Turn your phone into a skateboard with Gyro Skate, out now on iOS and Android

By , on January 8, 2015

When I was but a wee lad, myself and the other kids would play with finger skateboards. These were miniature versions of actual skateboards that you - you guessed it - used your fingers to ride around with.

Nowadays, the kids are using their phones for pretty much everything, so it makes sense for an app to be released to turn your mobile into a skateboard, right?


It turns out Gyro Skate is actually a pretty cool app. You choose a trick based on a few different difficulties, then the app will show you a video of how exactly to flip or spin your phone to do the trick. You then have a go yourself, with the app using the gyroscope in your phone (just make sure yours has one) to see if you've completed the trick successfully. Pretty neat, huh?.

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