Impatient Squirrel sees you help a squirrel find its acorn, and maybe save an actual real life species of squirrel

By , on January 9, 2015
Last modified 9 years ago

If you've been desperately searching for a new puzzle game featuring a constantly moving cute small creature, Impatient Squirrel might scratch your itch. By sliding tiles on-screen, you direct a sprinting squirrel towards its ultimate goal of... any guesses...? That's right, an acorn.

You'll have to think fast to avoid leading Mr. Squirrel to his untimely demise. If the going gets tough, you can use your wallet to ease your journey, but hopefully the developer doesn't go nuts with the pricing.

See what I did there?

Bad puns aside, this has the potential to be a cool release for puzzle fanatics, and the charity angle the game has - the developer is helping support the Red Squirrel Survival Trust - is neat too.

Here's the trailer.

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