The Humble Mobile Bundle 10 has landed and offers six great Android games at one low price

By , on January 20, 2015

The Humble Mobile Bundle offers one of those rare situations where owning an Android phone has a very clear benefit over an iPhone: game bundles. Well, that and the fact you get Android Lollipop. God, I love Lollipop.

As for the games, the bundle currently offers a decent selection: Buddy & MeLYNE, and Doodle Kingdom are available for however much you feel like paying. However, if you beat the average donations you unlock three further games: Sorcery! 2King of Dragon Pass, and OTTTD - bargain!

The average currently sits at $3.92 but will no doubt climb as more games get added. Oh, did we not mention that more games get added later? Well, they do. They even unlock for free if you paid over the average from the very beginning.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to the official Humble Mobile Bundle 10 site to take advantage of this ridiculously good offer, where a chunk of the proceeds go to a worthy cause. If you're slightly unsure, here's our review of one of the highlights of the bundle, Sorcery! 2.

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