Expand your app’s horizons with Chinese site APPTUTTi

By , on June 30, 2016
Last modified 7 years, 8 months ago

Pouring exponential sums of money and effort into an app to find it doesn’t flourish particularly well when published to store is a developer’s nightmare. Making sure you know how to cleverly market a release it paramount to its success, regardless of how great the title itself may be.


That’s where new online portal APPTUTTi comes in – the service allows developers to post their creations further than the stereotypical App Store and Google Play, instead branching out to the Chinese stores. One of said Chinese stores happens to be the largest in the world – its Android offering.

Recent findings through the Mobile Advertising & User Acquisition study in China saw that the country’s mobile game industry will rake in a substantial $10 billion this year, with a predicted rise to $13.9 billion by the year 2019.

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The site offers invaluable insight into the market, such as how to implement Chinese social media sites (WeChat, QQ and QZone) and payment options, and the tools to ensure the release is suitable for its new audience. Without these, developers would have no chance getting their titles into such an unknown territory.

Check out the hype at https://www.apptutti.com/partners/index.php


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