Crab War - Mutate, Multiply and Unleash the Swarm!

By , on July 7, 2016
Last modified 7 years, 4 months ago

If you’re looking for a challenging clicker with great story lines, fantastic art work and loathsome bad guys, Crab War could be the game for you.
After centuries of cowering in fear from the brutal reptiles that conquered their home above ground, the Crab War App allows you to grow and command an army of crabs in an attempt to defeat over 50 challenging bosses.

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The app allows you to create your own unique, strategy of attack as your progress through the levels. Pick and choose from varied Crab Evolution Paths, mutations and abilities.
Wipe out dangerous reptiles with your personally designed swarms, pick from shadow, amethyst and emerald swarms to name a few.
Each swarm holds a combination of vivid, diverse crabs that are evolved to be stronger, more deadly and demonstrate different abilities, dynamic speeds and reptile attacks to create not only a masterpiece of colour but a fatal, customisable playing style.

The game is incredibly challenging and diverse, with many opportunities to improve your army by recruiting mutilated killer crabs and over 30 unrivalled queens.
There are chances to join forces with some unlikely characters, progress in the right direction and you’ll get the chance to add a golden ray to your army. One sting from this giant creature and the scaly beasts won’t stand a chance.

There is nothing more satisfying than finally reclaiming the gems greedy reptiles consumed and the home they snatched, in one perfected wave of destruction.
Crab War App is ready to download in the app store now!

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