MU Origin is now available on iOS and Android

By , on July 28, 2016

Mu Origin is often seen at the top of the charts in App Stores in China, and within the top-grossing charts on Google Play worldwide.

After increasing popularity in Korea, recording a massive 6 million downloads and not to mention over 120 registered players in China alone. Mu Origin is unavoidably making a very good impression across Europe and America.

The game has a lot to offer alongside awesome 3D MMORPG and is incredibly fun to play. Join your friends as you power through levels with endless content on offer, on this incredible fantasy journey towards victory.

Leveling up is fast-paced, the controls are simple to learn and the characters are unique. Popular characters include The Dark Knight, equipped with two brutal swords, epic hunting skills and the power of melee combat at your fingertips.
Or choose the goddess of war and beauty and utilize her accuracy and healing spiritual powers to save allies and strengthen teams.

Mu Origin in summary is an exciting, creative game, that offers the chance to build and strengthen the ultimate team of fearsome characters. The games fast-paced development means your team is constantly evolving and changing, and real-time Auction Houses and in-game Trading Systems offers players the chance to buy and sell a copious number of weapons, armor and items that could be crucial to your conquest.

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