Take on the mightiest ships of WWII in Warship Battle’s third season update

By , on August 8, 2016
Last modified 7 years, 10 months ago

JoyCity, the Korean developers behind the hugely successful Gunship Battle, bring you the third season update of Warship Battle – where the action takes places on the open waves of World War II naval history in stunning 3D.

In Warship Battle you can take part in some of the most historic WWII missions through the games Hidden Mission mode, which along with Boss Attack, has been significantly improved in this latest update – including the option to reduce the Hidden Missions difficulty with the inclusion of two more levels to the mission stages.

Not only do you get to take control of a vast range of authentic WWII era ships, season three brings you two new limited edition vessels - the Gato submarine and Black Flag warship, which you can now command with extra personal with the addition of 10 new captains.

Museum points are also of offer with one of the most exciting updates in this new season - the introduction of the museum system. That’s right – you can now show off your favourite and most impressive vessels with other players, with the chance to earn points boost your ranking.

There are also significant updates to the content of the games Hidden Missions and Boss attack modes –including the opportunity to make the Hidden Missions a little bit easier thanks to the introduction of two more levels to the hidden mission stages.

Warship Battle has already achieved over 15 million downloads worldwide, and is available on iOS and Android now.

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