Duck for cover with 60 Seconds!, the recently announced survival adventure game from Robot Gentleman

By , on September 2, 2016
Last modified 7 years, 5 months ago

It’s about time we had a post-apocalyptic game with some dark humour. From developers Robot Gentleman, the survival game 60 seconds! arrives on app stores next month with its unique take on the adventure game genre.

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The aim of the game is (you’ve guessed it) survive. You’re tasked with saving your family before a nuke hits, collecting supplies along the way to aid your progress. But the game looks to pose a deeper question – what would you do if a nuke were about to hit?

You play the role of Ted, who is given the 60 second warning, leading to a frantic rush that ensues through his procedurally generated house. It’s your responsibility to use that time wisely, making sure to plan ahead for when the nuke hits, as well as leading the character’s family to safety.

But it doesn’t stop when you rescue your loved ones, as the game poses subsequent challenges to test your apocalyptic wits. Do you leave the sanctity of your home to scavenge food? Or is the risk too great? The choice is yours to make in this 1950’s throwback.

You can pick this one up on September 22nd exclusively for IOS devices. Remember: Failure is not an option if you wish to survive this ravaged, post-apocalyptic landscape.

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