Episodic sci-fi adventure, The Uncertain, comes to life on NVIDIA SHIELD

By , on September 22, 2016
Last modified 7 years, 8 months ago

The latest addition to NVIDIA SHIELD’s gaming collection is Episode 1 of The Uncertain, a brand new 3D adventure from ComonGames, a Moscow-based development studio out to prove that indies can deliver high-end AAA gaming experiences.

The Uncertain is set in a world where humans have actually done it: they've wiped themselves out with one war too many, and now the planet is ruled by the robots that used to serve them. It is, it seems, a perfect world—one that's governed by logic, not emotion, and where concepts like morality and common sense are a thing of the past. You just know that there's going to be something rotten beneath the surface, right?

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In this first episode, The Last Quiet Day, you take on the role of an engineering robot living in an abandoned village, surrounded by the remnants of the long-extinct human society. Humanoid in form but distinctly digital in personality, it appears to be curious about the human race and fascinated by their belongings, but sees them in a very robotic way, not noticing aesthetic details such as color or shape but instead reducing them to mechanical characteristics and operational flexibility.

And in The Uncertain you'll do a fair bit of examining ancient human artifacts, as you wander around your village. It plays out like a 3D take on a classic point-and-click adventure in which you highlight things of interest with your cursor to discover items, solve puzzles and build and fix equipment to help you on your way.


It's hard to say where it's all going – Comon Games is understandably keen to keep the plot under wraps – but there's a suggestion that the truth is being kept from you, and as you explore and progress, talking to other robots along the way and having to make moral decisions in a world where morality no longer exists, it'll all slowly start to come together.

Featuring highly-detailed visuals that take advantage of SHIELD and its Tegra X1 processor, The Uncertain is a beautiful-looking and captivating game featuring cinematic cameras and smooth transitions that ramp up the mysterious vibe and make you feel part of an interactive sci-fi movie. And to further boost the vibe there's an atmospheric musical soundtrack.

It's all splendidly deep, thought provoking and challenging, and designed to look amazing on a big screen. The Uncertain: Episode 1: The Last Quiet Day is available to download now on NVIDIA SHIELD via Google Play for a special 20% off launch price of $11.99.

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