Fight for the throne in Clash of Kings: The West

By , on September 26, 2016
Last modified 7 years, 8 months ago

If you loved Clash of Kings, you’ll find plenty to love about Clash of Kings: The West. The new version is tailor made by Chinese company Elex Tech to appeal to players in Europe and the US, and they’ve managed to iron out some of the problems in the original.

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There isn’t a huge difference in terms of gameplay. You’re still vying to be ruler of an empire, building cities and forging alliances with fellow gamers. But this Western land is a little more forgiving than its predecessor. If your city’s castle is destroyed, the King will kindly send re-enforcements. If your defenses take a real blow, you’ll get a gift of extra resources to get your city up and running again.

In Clash of Kings: The West, there’s less of an advantage for paying players during battling and PVP, so strategy and skill are rewarded more than what’s in your wallet. The developers have also cracked down on cheating, and added a mailbox function so you can report any hackers you spot.

There are also original events to keep gameplay fresh, including West Go – a chance to catch a dragon and use it in your battles, and Viking Invasion – where you defend against marauding pirates to win a chest full of gold.

And there are plans for future features too, including Explorer’s Guild, giving you the opportunity to explore the various dungeons of the land for treasure.
Clash of Kings: The West is free to download from the App Store and Google Play.


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