Ubisoft’s new social quiz game FaceUp – The Selfie Game released

By , on October 4, 2016
Last modified 7 years, 8 months ago

Gaming is often at its best when it takesa simple premise, but executes it perfectly. Ubisoft’s new social quiz game FaceUp takes this very approach by looking to use your selfies in a gaming format.

The developers made this one with gamers in mind due to its charades-styled guess work. Online and offline, selfie takers can do battle with each other, as you attempt to guess the other person’s expression.

FaceUp tasks you with correctly identifying their friend’s mood or expression - with options ranging from politicians, boxers right up to fish and even spies.

If you wish to gloat about your razor sharp detection skills, the game provides support through social media avenues - ensuring you’ll be the talk of the town amongst your group of friends.

It’s harder than it sounds to guess correctly though, meaning the unlockable incentives like new stickers and extra modes are even more rewarding when you manage to get a face spot on.

While gaming is no stranger to merging itself with social media in recent years, few are as tightly stitched together as FaceUp – The Selfie Game. It embraces gaming just as closely as it embraces social media - as evidenced by the extra options such as the combo mode that tasks you with combining two facial expressions.

And if that all wasn’t enough Ubisoft have also provided an added layer of sheen thanks to personalized emojis and stamps for those who wish to give their selfies even more character.

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So get your face at the ready – FaceUp – The Selfie Game is here, and it wants you to utilise every facial expression you can muster.
Head over to the app store now to download this one for your Android or iOS for free.

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