Command killer crustaceans in the new update for Crab War

By , on October 13, 2016

Crab War from Appxplore gets you do something a bit different – it challenges you to unleash a swarm of crustaceans in a fight against invading reptiles.

To achieve this unusual task you have to tap frantically to send your snappy soldiers across the screen - winning resources and reclaiming land with every defeated foe.

That loot gleaned from combat can then be used in the Evolution Tree to evolve your crab swarms into more formidable opponents. You can also develop powerful mutations by shedding your shell (ecdysis), with over 80 crabs to evolve and 30 crab queens to add to your ranks.

The newest update to Crab War adds a competitive tournament system too, as well as genetic customisation. Tournament gameplay involves developing the best swarm you can muster and attempting to beat the distance reclaimed of fellow players. The better you do, the faster you’ll climb up the leaderboard.

To encourage you to compete you’ll be rewarded with resources including gems, pearls, and genes to spend on your crab combatants.

The Gene Tree is another new addition - which is where the genes you’ve won in battle come in handy. You expend your genes within the tree, selecting the branch of skills you want to develop, whether they are of an offensive, passive or defensive type. You can then test your upgrades in tournament against other players to see who’s the snappiest crab in the kingdom.

You can download Crab War for free from Google Play and the App Store.


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