Stop everything because JoyCity’s Game of Dice has just turned one year old

By , on October 19, 2016

Good news for anyone who loves JoyCity’s Game of Dice - in honour of its first birthday developer Joycity are releasing an update for the game providing loads of new content for the title.

Playing in single or multiplayer mode, your aim is to make it all the way around the board - buying as much real estate as you can. Each turn around the board hikes up your own value, and the more properties you own the more powerful you become – making it so much easier to bankrupt your competitors with ruthless tolls.

While the game was originally released in October last year and was hugely successful, the brand new update looks set to bring even more to the table.

Now you’ll see an all new “Genius Showdown” map, which includes cool new features like shorter match times that enables speedier and more dynamic play. But it doesn’t stop there, as there’s also the great new block “Super Play” content - which lets you add more tolls to chosen locations, and even mini battles to take part in.

If that wasn’t enough there’s even the time capsule feature, new dice trump events, and even birthday candles that allow you to gain valuable items – with all this making sure this version of Game of Dice is the best yet.

Game of Dice is available to download on iOS and Android.


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