Epic fantasy MMORPG Arcane Online is out now on mobile

By , on October 20, 2016

If you’re looking for an RPG that looks to set the tone for quality massively multiplayer gaming then you’re in luck, as Arcane Online has just arrived on mobile.

Available on Android and iOS, Arcane Online is the latest effort from Gala Inc – and boasts an epic amount of features that you’ll rarely find in a mobile title.

Set in the huge open world of Eldine, the game tasks you with being humanity’s last hope of destroying the evil that’s threatening the land. That’s a lot of responsibility right there.

Arcane Online is crammed full of content, with over a thousand quests and a variety of dungeons and monsters to be conquered.

Whether you choose to do it alone or as part of a group of 3 other players you will get to choose and customise the hero that’s just right for you though – you can choose from a Mage (with the ability to cast powerful spells), a Shaman (who can summon the forces of nature), or a mighty Warrior (a master of the sword). Along your travels you can also collect 30 Avatar Cards with which to further customise your character.

Never knowing when evil will attempt to strike you’ll also want travel across Eldine with haste by having your very own mount – which you can train, feed and evolve. Every hero needs a trusty steed after all.

With lots of different combat modes to take part in - such as PVP and the siege war mode (where over 150 players take part in epic guild warfare) - as well as plenty of content to explore, Arcane Online might just your perfect MMORPG.

Try it now on Android or iOS.


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