Get a sneak peek of Oceans & Empires on Android

By , on October 21, 2016

Oceans & Empires, which tasks you in ruling the seven seas, has just been released in preview form on Google Play for a limited time.

The game, developed by Joycity, is based in the 15th-18th century - and looks to have you build an all powerful empire across both land and sea.

You do this by building up your own customisable fleet of ships as well as an island base - with battling, trading, and alliance building with a range of other players integral parts of becoming as fearsome on the seas as Blackbeard himself.

Boasting 60 unique cities, a fully functioning economy, and real-time battling, Oceans & Empires is a must play for anyone who wanted to be a pirate - or adventurer - as a child.

It’s easy to download the preview build of the game as well - you simply have to search for “Oceans & Empires” on Google Play and you won’t be able to miss it. If you download this preview build you’ll even get an exclusive in-game item package.

You’d better set sail swiftly if you want to check this preview out though - it’s only available until midnight PDT on the 28th of October (that’s 8am on the 29th for those in the UK).

Oceans & Empires will be launched worldwide on iOS and Android soon, and you can find more information about the game by visiting its official Facebook page here.

You can download the preview version of Oceans & Empires right now from Google Play.


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