‘Braking’ News – Extreme Truck Simulator is now on the app store's and ready to put you in the driver’s seat

By , on November 10, 2016

If you’ve ever wanted to discover more about the not so simple life of an extreme truck driver, then take heed knowing that Extreme Truck Simulator has just arrived on IOS and Android this week – and offers you the chance to become the torque of the town.

Extreme Truck Simulator handily boasts over 80 challenging levels across 8 individual game modes that see you sit behind the wheel of a range of heavy duty vehicles that includes a cement truck, bulldozer, forklift, and many more.

Unlike most other simulators you may have come across on the App or Google Play store, detailed interiors expertly round out your experience as a truck driver in Extreme Truck Simulator - with real engines sounds helping to give each vehicle a little bark as well as bite when in use.

Play with your friends in Extreme Truck Simulator’s in-depth multiplayer mode which makes it easy to compete effortlessly with others, further encouraging you to be the best at loading up heavy goods vehicles, towing cars away, or offsetting raw materials within many vibrant settings.

You’ll always feel in control thanks to the game’s multiple game play and control configurations, with Extreme Truck Simulator being easy to tweak in terms of tilt steering, button functions, and optional slider pedals. Life driving across the open road will be plain sailing (or in this case trucking) and smooth at all times.

Make sure you have your trucker’s hat at the ready because you’ll have a big order to fill with Extreme Truck Simulator available to download right now from the App Store and Google Play.

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