You can now pre-register for Oceans & Empires – JoyCity’s brand new strategy MMO

By , on November 10, 2016

For all you who out there who are looking for a strategy game with a nautical twist you’ll be pleased to hear that JoyCity will soon be releasing Oceans & Empires - a new empire building MMO set on the high seas during the age of exploration.

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There are over twelve historical fleets of vessels spanning across the 16th-18th century plus a dozen different levels of troops for you to command in battle from your island base. You can also enjoy all the pleasures of plundering, trading, and forming alliances to put your ocean empire at the top of the deck (so to speak).

Set for release next week on Android and iOS, pre-registration for Oceans & Empires has just opend - giving you the chance to be first in line for a healthy slice of swash buckling adventure. On top of that you will also receive some sterling in-game rewards such as five item units of 12,000 wood and food, 2,500 gold, and twenty items of one hour of increased building speed.

If you’d like to grab these items and get a head start on the competition – and why wouldn’t you - then simply enter your email on JoyCity’s pre-registration page here. Don’t forget that there’s plenty more news on the game to be found on Oceans & Empires Facebook Page as well.

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