Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings swoops down just in time to treat on the go fantasy fans

By , on November 14, 2016
Last modified 7 years, 5 months ago

Are you worthy of wielding the forces of Fire, Ice, and Electricity to do battle? Then Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings is the action RPG you’ve been waiting for. Can’t wait? No problem, it’s free to download now on IOS and Android devices.

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Tasking you to defend the mythical city of Aurora as either the Berserker, Bladedancer, or Sorceress you’ll bash your way through endless adventurous levels either solo, with a friend, or during edge of your throne PVP combat.

The combination of intense real-time 3D combat and tight controls helps to fully immerse you in your quest to defeat the demon hordes. Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings has been developed by Youzu Interactive to push the limits of mobile graphics whilst never conceding on performance. So, you’ll be able to summon down burning meteors and send phantom dragons crashing into your enemies with simple swipes and taps of the screen, never worrying about slow down. That really is epic.

Screen-filling boss challenges, a fantastical story campaign and heavy customisation options helps to keep things fresh while playing, with Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings consistently proving just enough challenge to be fun as you ensure your enemies ‘Shall not pass’ and fall before you.

Joining a Guild really pays off too in Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings, unlocking special features such as Guild Quests, Guild Gifts, Guild Blessing, Guild Beasts and more. If the dazzling loot drops don’t hook you the visually distinct character animations will, engrossing you further when entering each battle.

Defend the mythical world of Aurora as the guardian class of your choosing right now by downloading Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings from the App and Google Play store. One does not simply pass up this opportunity.

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