Make your mark across the seas in Joycity’s new strategic MMO Oceans & Empires

By , on November 17, 2016
Last modified 7 years, 4 months ago

Fancy yourself as a captain of the high seas, a rogue musketeer or simply an honest sea merchant? Well you can rest easy knowing that Joycity’s new real-time mercantilism MMO, Oceans & Empires is now available to download from the Google Play and App Store.

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The strategic maritime adventure is now downloadable across the globe for players worldwide to plunder, dominate and clash in. Simply select your choice of 15 languages (with more to come), design your troops and fleet, and then let the explosive clashes begin.

Will you be an honest trader or grow to fight for your alliance's victory? Oceans & Empires lets you dominate the trade routes your way. Seamlessly blending together ultimate strategic battles and soft-spots based on the great age of 15th – 18th century exploration, it will feel natural to trade, fight, and battle your way to ocean domination with maybe the odd sea creature thrown in for good measure.

60 detailed and true to life cities are readily explorable in Oceans & Empires with plenty of strategic battles to take part in. 12 historical fleets of vessels and 12 different levels of troops to command helps to immerse you with a great sense of scale, making engaging in PVP combat feel as natural and fluid as ever.

As a special treat, Joycity are celebrating Oceans & Empires Thanksgiving day launch with a suitably poultry event, where you’ll be able to hunt and encounter giant turkey monsters in the oceans and banish them for useful items.

Not only that but if you’d like to hit the water running, you can earn an item for faster growth by posing your best decorated ship flags on the Oceans & Empires official Facebook page.

See for yourself if X really does mark the spot in Oceans & Empires, available to download now on the App Store and Google Play worldwide.

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