WeGo Interactive’s new RC racer Re-Volt 3 lets you tear up the tarmac on both IOS and Android

By , on November 24, 2016

Be sure not to set yourself in a tailspin this week and take to the track in WeGo Interactive’s new RC racer Re-Volt 3, the latest in the immensely popular mobile racing franchise that’s available to download now on IOS and Android devices.

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Re-Volt 3 isn’t afraid to put you through your paces with over 20 pulse-pounding courses in which to drift, swerve, and race through. But don’t worry, there’s over 70 types of remote-control vehicles to master, upgrade, and customise during your career as a pro RC race car driver. Pedal to the metal either solo in the game’s story mode or with friends around the world, it’ll be hard not to feel immersed whilst driving thanks to the game’s incredibly detailed locations.

Returning grease monkeys to the Re-Volt series can rest easy knowing that this third entry features deeper tinkering and more upgrade options than ever before, letting you customise your selected RC car to an impressive degree within a completely overhauled interface that is both sleek, intuitive and easy to use. There’s up to 25 generous car parts to collect, so plenty to keep you edging closer to the finish line more and more each time.

In-game money, additional upgrade items, and premium cards are waiting for those who take part during the game’s first month of launch, treating you to these and many more event prizes every time you complete specific stages. As network features go, Re-Volt 3 has plenty under the hood in the form of improved lobbies, “build your own” custom servers, and more.

You don’t have to wait long to be your very own Dominic Toretto, Re-Volt 3 is available for download now from the Google Play and App Stores.

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