Valkyrie Connect from Ateam combines Norse mythology with Japanese roleplay

By , on November 24, 2016

Japanese developer Ateam released Valkyrie Connect in summer this year, exclusively for the local market. The company built on the same formula that made its 2015 roleplaying game Unison League a hit – collaborative real-time battles and vibrant anime graphics. But the game has now been released worldwide in most major languages, so we can all get in on the action.

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The developers have mined the wealth of quirky mythology from Norse history to give Valkyrie Connect a unique twist, whilst characters are shrunken to adorable chibi proportions.

Gameplay involves strategically picking your favourite characters to fight ever-more-dangerous opponents. There’s an autoplay function to take away the chore of grinding, but you should keep an eye on your characters’ gauges – when a gauge is full, you can tap to trigger the warriors’ unique Action Skill, an extra powerful move with some over-the-top animations to boot. Plus there’s Limit Burst, which takes the power of all your characters, combining it into a punishing attack on whatever Norse beast you’re up against.

Valkyrie Connect isn’t strictly a solo affair, either, hence ‘connect’. Online play involves joining up to two other players and their selected fighters in battle. You can combine your attack force to defeat the baddies, as well as cast spells on allies in the arena to improve all of your chances. There are new online modes planned for the future too, so don’t be too late to the party.

If a JRPG inspired by Norse mythology sounds good to you, then you can download Valkyrie Connect for free from the App Store and GooglePlay.

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