Defy danger and roll your way to victory in Orborun, Tiny Lab Productions’ critically-acclaimed mobile runner

By , on December 15, 2016
Last modified 7 years, 4 months ago

Fans of 2013’s highly successful precision-based 3D runner Orborun can rest easy knowing that the game has recently made its way home to developer Tiny Lab Productions, which will oversee all updates and advances during the coming months. The shakeup comes as a result of French mobile publisher Bulkypix’s recent liquidation after finding themselves suffer bankruptcy three months ago.

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The changeover means that Tiny Lab Productions will be better able to handle the critically-acclaimed mobile puzzler, which received a Meta Critic rating of 81, an 8/10 rating on Pocket Gamer, and a 4/5 review by us - which you can check out here. Tiny Labs also have plans to release Orborun 2 in 2017 with new worlds, and cool new challenges.

Originally released just over three years ago on both IOS and Android, the game was praised for its surprisingly deep progression system which allowed players to unlock various Orbots throughout 105 pulse-pounding stages.

If you haven’t yet leaped into the Orborun experience, those familiar with the likes of Super Monkey Ball, Armillo, and Even Temple Run will find themselves right at home. Set in a mechanically futuristic world, players are required to guide their choice of Orbot across seven distinctive worlds by jumping, dodging, and speeding their way to victory.

Available to download now from both the Google Play and App stores, Orborun has been described as a mobile runner experience like no other, prioritising speed just as much as the avoidance of obstacles. Whether it’s through immaculately pulling off countless death-defying downhill lunges or using the building up enough momentum to get your Orbot spin throw towards areas, Orborun packs a fairly challenging punch for both thrill-seekers and casual players alike.

Soon after downloading, it won’t take you long to see just why Orborun continues to entertain many mobile players and keep them coming back for more, with the developers behind the game specifically going out of their way to create the sleekest games possible, both in the case of Orborun and the rest of their back catalogue.

Started in 2010 by a talented group of designers, developers, artists and programmers, Tiny Lab Productions had a humbled beginning, making games from just a small office space in Lithuania. Originally comprising of a passionate team of just six, Tiny Lab has since expanded and grown into a company of 25 and are now well versed with making almost every genre of video game out there.

The team was recently recognised as being one of the 10 fastest growing tech companies in central Europe, set to continue this ongoing success.

Orborun specifically was developed using the Unity engine, acting as the perfect choice for such a twitch-based, roll-and-run experience. Tiny Lab Productions made sure to take extra special care when designing the game’s difficulty, eventually balancing the challenge aspect perfectly to save players from suffering defeat after almost completing a level. The final version of Orborun sees difficulty scale up world by world basis, resulting in a learning curve that is easy to pick up but hard to master.

Whether you fancy taking on friends in Orborun’s split screen multiplayer mode or prefer going it solo in any one of the game’s 105 levels, players will need to pay close attention in order to maintain full control over their Orbot if they wish to succeed. Each run will reward players with a three star rating, all being determined by such elements as completion time, life counts remaining, and the amount of items collected.

Collecting as many score multipliers, boosters, and collectables along each path may go onto reveal bonus levels that contain extra coins and points, making it easier for players to unlock any one of nine Orbot skins, all varying in terms of speed and jump ability. Brave Orborun’s seven robotic worlds in repeat runs with many hidden rewards awaiting you.

Think you’ve got what it takes to keep your Orbot safe and see him successfully through over 100 challenging 3D levels? Roll your world and enjoy today by downloading Orborun now on either the Google Play or App Store.

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