Creature Quest gives players a Mother’s Day bonus this May

By , on May 12, 2017

Players of Creature Quest will know last month was an Easter eggstravaganza, with seasonal giveaways and neat new features too. May promises more treats courtesy of VC Mobile, this time in celebration of mothers everywhere. Hooray for mums!

The loading and home screens have been redecorated with flowers and gifts, and from May 11-18 simply checking in will stock your inventory with loot. Check-in rewards include energy, battle coins, tokens, tickets and essence.

There’s a new time-limited quest called Mommy Meowgic as well. Journey to the desert and barter with the Sphinx, a new Legendary creature, and you’ll have the chance to capture Rare, Epic and Legendary beasts, including the Griffin, Lizard Man Archer and – most appropriate of all – the Mummy!

If want to grab yourself a Sphinx though, you’ll have to take part in the Mother’s Day Summon event. Between May 12 and 14, every Diamond Summon has a possibility of producing a Sealed With A Kiss Box containing one of eight creatures. Four of these creatures are Legendary – the Sphinx, Shadow Temptress, Medusa and Sorceress, and four are Epic – the Harpy, Dark Elf, Siren and Griffin.

The update also provides a Quick Questing feature. For the princely sum of some energy and battle coins, you can skip quests you’ve already completed, and still walk away with a portion of the loot – giving you more time to spend with your mother… Or play on your mobile.

Start capturing your very own collection of creatures by downloading Creature Quest for free for Android and iOS.

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