GameSpire’s Dead Plague released on Android and iOS

By , on June 8, 2017
Last modified 3 years, 7 months ago

Chinese developer GameSpire has released a new zombie action game on to the mobile market, hoping it’ll spread like the plague.

Dead Plague takes place in the sun-bleached tropics, where the mysterious Research Centre (think Umbrella Corps) has released an un-deadly virus. Now, all the sandcastles have been squashed, the beach is all bloody and the locals aren’t so friendly. In steps BIOTECH to send you off on a risky retrieval mission – you’ve got to grab some samples of zombie DNA for the BIOTECH boffins to analyse. But they’re not just going to hand it over, are they?

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That’s the premise Dead Plague’s single-player campaign revolves around. You’ll have to battle your way across a plague-ridden archipelago, completing timed objectives as you go, to get to the cold hard truth. Grimacing in your way are the usual running zombies, more rare ‘special’ zombies, and tough boss battles. Luckily you’ve come armed, and there are plenty of additional weapons and ammo boxes scattered around to help you get the job done.

Controlling your character in Dead Plague is straightforward enough – it has a twin stick system, with the left side of the screen for movement and direction, the right side for aiming and shooting. The visuals provide a 3D top-down view, with lush colours, a dynamic weather system and realistic lighting.

Up for saving the world from marauding zombies on a tropical island? You can download Dead Plague from the App Store and Google Play in most major languages.

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