4 more reasons to indulge in Shadowblood’s Dark Fantasy RPG experience

By , on June 12, 2017
Last modified 6 years, 3 months ago

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If the sheer technical prowess of UTPlus Interactive’s mobile action RPG wasn’t enough to draw you into the world of Narr the first time around, those that like a little more depth with regards to their hacking, slashing, and near-endless looting can rest comfortably knowing that Shadowblood isn’t just a pretty face. Renowned amongst fans for its unique approach to control optimisation, the game lets you traverse lands and destroy dragons in a totally tailorable manner unseen in most ARPGs.

But this only scratches the surface of the Shadowblood experience. So, to make things slightly clearer, we’ve highlighted some other reasons why players might be interested in adventuring amongst heroes to fight against the wrath of the evil god Belzav.

Non-stop Action

Whereas some other action RPGs often feel the need to strip back the core “action” part of that equation back a little, the developers behind Shadowblood have done everything in their power to place it at the forefront of the experience. Even the game’s basic combat is designed to be intense, thrilling, and never slow down the pace of the action.

With unique skillsets spread across four distinct classes in the form of the Assassin, Berzerker, Magician and Archer, laying waste to multiple enemies at once is always a fair possibility, whether taking to the battlefield with bow, staff, or hammer in hand.

Multiple challenge modes

Centered around fast-paced action and real-time co-op play, sitting alongside Shadowblood’s core story campaign are a selection of PVP and PVE challenge modes that help to keep the heat on, even when players eventually reach the end game. Item farming, Soulstone collecting, and unlockable upgrades all culminate to offer multiple routes in which to grow your hero.

If that wasn’t enough, Shadowblood’s dedicated guild system aims to make it easy for players to experience the game’s available co-op contents, fighting alongside each other amongst friends. The action simply doesn’t stop after saving the world, with Shadowblood offering multiple methods of achieving max level be it through instance dungeons, boss battles, and more.

Variety of classes and customisation

Shadowblood makes a point of offering players various methods of play and unique approaches to take. This is a sentiment most easily seen when looking at each of the game’s four character classes, all of which can be upgraded and customised further, the more the adventure journeys on.

While Assassins have the ability to cover all angles by attacking with double blades, Archers choose to fire from range to gain a strategical advantage. Berserkers, meanwhile, earn their namesake by crushing enemies with immense force, with the newly released Magician class able to dictate battles from afar. All operate completely differently from each other to accommodate numerous play styles.

Intuitive controls

Helping to avoid the boredom of auto-battles which so often plague other ARPG experiences, Shadowblood allows players to compose their own skill sets that are fun to implement manually, while still being quick and easy to master. You’re given complete authority over how special attacks and abilities are executed, with such moves as the Berserker’s smash, for example, capable of being targeted to avoid hitting random enemies ineffective to your strategy.

These manual controls are boosted further with unique Soulstones equips and item combinations, which have the power to alter any character’s skills to your specific style of play. UTPlus Interactive are on record as saying that more methods of customisation and control depth are on the way, so there’s plenty to look forward to for those eager to gain even more tactical supremacy.

Shadowblood is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.

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