Newly launched MMORPG Art of Conquest is currently featured on the App Store and Google Play

By , on June 12, 2017
Last modified 3 years, 7 months ago

Lilith Games brings something new to the strategy table, with a unique hybrid of PVP combat, MMO adventure, and RTS elements all wrapped up in their latest release Art of Conquest. After its launch early last week, the game has succeeded in capturing the attention of Google and Apple after finding itself featured on the app stores across 140 countries, just days after its release.

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Art of Conquest challenges you to broaden your domain by conquering enemy lands in an effort to build up your own kingdom and establish yourself as the the most dominant empire in Nore; the whimsical fantasy world in which the game is set. AoC brings new attributes to the RTS table, including an exceptional worldmap, monumental real-time PvP battles and control of your units during battle.

The battle mechanics are a particular treat in Art of Conquest, as the game does away with the automated match making and combat that’s so synonymous with other RTS games. Instead it lets you enjoy full control of the battle at every moment, including entering the fray in the games PVP mode as the conflict takes place. What’s more, you’ll find yourself presented with the tantalising prospect of venturing out into the games epic landscape to find and conquer new opponents as well as unite forces with other players through guilds - or ‘Houses’ as its referred to in the game.

With 5 playable races (Humans, Dwarves, Lich, Rakan and Sylph) as well as 20 unique heroes to command in large-scale strategic combat, you can fulfil your fancy for strategy, combat, and myth and legend all within Art of Conquest which is out now on iOS and Android.

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