Celebrate Father’s Day with Creature Quest this weekend

By , on June 15, 2017
Last modified 3 years, 7 months ago

Creature Quest is pulling out all the stops for Father’s Day. The game’s decked out in a fatherly new theme, but there’ll be ample opportunity this month to collect rare creatures with two new celebratory events.

Appeasing Poppa, the new event quest, runs through June 27. The Astral Watcher has landed in town, and he’s not messing around. He needs a rare gift or he’ll make good on his threat to destroy the entire city. It’s up to brave adventurers like yourself to head out and find a suitable present to give to the Watcher. In doing so, you might capture a rare Draconic Gallant or a Clockwork.

If it’s even more rare creatures you seek, you’ll want to hop into the game this weekend from June 16 to 18 for the Pillaging Poppas Summon Event. Relive fond memories of adventuring with your dear dad by questing for some exclusive creatures. Diamond Summons during the event run the chance of being a Tool Box which holds one of 10 Father’s Day-themed Legendary Creatures. That includes the infamous Astral Watcher himself, along with the Titan, Cyclops, Wizard, or Marid. You may discover Epic Creatures, too, including the Gorgon, Walrus Rikishi, Ogre, Shard Golem, or War Elephant. It’s the perfect chance to get into the spirit of Father’s Day with some mobile gaming fun.

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