MU Origin’s latest update shakes up the way you’ll play the game

By , on February 26, 2018

The times they are a-changin’ for MU Origin, but in the best way possible. Webzen’s popular MMO is getting a huge new update introducing a new character class, gameplay features, competitive events, and much, much more. We’re here to lay it all out for you.

MU Origin’s latest update adds a new class. Magic users in particular will be quite pleased with the Summoner class, which allows you to summon the Valkyrie to do your bidding in battle. This powerful, magic-based character can be unlocked with a character over 3 Rebirth Level 1. If you don’t fit the criteria, you can always buy yourself a Scroll of Dark Souls in the shop to create your Summoner.

Customize your character further with the new Sub-Character feature, which allows you to create a secondary character of a different class. Your Sub-Character maintains your original character’s Rebirth, Levels, Resources, Pets, Stats, and more, while giving you the chance to kit out your new class in tailored equipment and equip them with new skills. It’s a great opportunity to try something new on the battlefield. You’ll be able to unlock the Sub-Character by completing the “Secret” quest and paying 1,500 Unbound Diamonds.

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The new update is putting a competitive spin on things to, with the latest Guild event, The Land of Struggle. You and your guild will compete against others to defeat the event boss in the shortest amount of time while dealing the most damage. Running every Wednesday through Friday, winners will be handsomely rewarded with Bound Zen, EXP, Contribution Points, and the Emperor Card.

There are quite a few other sundry changes coming to MU Origin, including a new Refine system and another all-server area, West Akeron. The new CP Rewards System will gift you special rewards based on your character’s CP, and you can polish your character’s look with the new Blood Costume. If you’re in search of a new pet, the Three Chicken Brothers are a fine option, and are surprisingly adept in battle.

MU Origin is free to play on both iOS  and Android.

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