GameSpire’s Grand Battle Royale is a new, PUBG-style free-for-all

By , on February 28, 2018

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) was a runaway success in 2017, taking the premise of cult Japanese film Battle Royale and using it as the basis for a competitive shooter. A game genre was born overnight. Now Chinese developer GameSpire has thrown its hat into the battle royale ring, releasing Grand Battle Royale for the mobile.

Unlike most PUBG-like games, Grand Battle Royale stands out visually. Instead of realistic graphics, the in-game world is a jumble of blocky pixels, like a landscape of Lego. The simple graphics of this Minecraftian world mean it shouldn’t be quite as memory intensive as more realistic MMO games, promising quick-fire antics with minimal lag.

You start each game with a sky dive over the same small island. Jumping from an aeroplane, you can swoop straight into the ghost town, or play it cautious on the outskirts. When you’re on solid ground, you need to find a weapon – this is a last-man-standing affair, after all. There’s enough firepower scattered across the land that you should stumble upon something quickly, though keep an eye on the sky – regular air drops can provide a haul of high-powered goodies. Weapons in the game range from baseball bats to assault rifles. You can also find health kits which improve your survival chances significantly.

As you fight foes from around the world in Grand Battle Royale, the map will decrease in size, PUBG-style, pushing you ever closer and ensuring the fight is that little bit fiercer. Even if you die, you’ll walk away from the battle with in-game cash to spend on fancy new skins for your character.

Does a multiplayer shootout across an abandoned island sound like the ideal game for your daily commute? Then Grand Battle Royale should do it for you. Download it for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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