Phantom Chaser’s exciting new update adds new characters and much more

By , on March 9, 2018

Big changes are headed for Phantom Chaser, FloppyGames’ hit RPG starring famous creatures from mythology. Players can collect a brand new hero, and the developers have made some big quality of life changes that will help you enjoy Phantom Chaser even more. Now’s the time to jump into the action if you’re a newcomer. Here’s what to expect from the update.

Most importantly, the latest update introduces Rangda, a highly skilled assassin. Rangda specializes in getting behind enemy lines to do massive damage at close range thanks to her high Dexterity rating.

Older characters are getting the star treatment, too. You can now collect Blue Dragon or Phoenix via Crafting, which should make it a bit easier for you to flesh out your collection of characters. Phantom Chaser is also handing out free Star Stones for players who collect special targeted characters.

Battles are about to get more interesting, too, as Phantom Chaser ups the difficulty in the Battlefield, but also improves the rewards for players’ hard work. Monsters are getting re-balanced in Adventure mode to make things a bit more fair.

Overall, you’ll probably find that Phantom Chaser is a lot easier to play. It’ll take less time to develop your character and earn rewards, and stamina usage has been lowered as well. You’ll be able to spend more quality time with Phantom Chaser instead of waiting on timers.

Phantom Chaser is free to play right now on iOS and Android.

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