Team-up with your personalised pet in new Fantasy RPG AIIA, available now on Android

By , on March 16, 2018
Last modified 6 years, 3 months ago

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Fans of all things fantasy and fluffy will find their tastes successfully met in AIIA, the latest dungeon-based MMORPG from mobile developer CLGamez. Now available exclusively for Android, only here will you be able to fight alongside a personalised pet, as well as online friends, in a bid to fulfil the legend of the Exelion Knights.

Tasking players to work their way through successive monster-filled dungeons, AIIA offers Android users a console-quality MMO experience, having been developed in Unreal Engine 4. The result is an RPG filled with stylish action and impressive hit effects, regardless of whether you choose to live out AIIA’s adventure as Dria, Khan, or Leona.

Outside of the main quest, AIIA gives players the chance to jump into co-operative missions, PVP battles, and a challenge mode, but of particular note is the ‘Arma’ system. It’s here where you’ll be able to personalise your own pet companion before letting him fight alongside you and unleashing a devasting attack once your Arma gauge is fully charged.

Dive into the dungeons that await, and don’t let the darkness win by downloading AIIA right now from Google Play.

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