Make your bid for the crown in Iron Throne, Netmarble's new MMO strategy game out now

By , on May 16, 2018
Last modified 4 years, 4 months ago

Immersing yourself within a world of swords and sorcery is all well and good. But the real magic when playing Netmarble’s new MMO Strategy title Iron Throne is the ability to do so amongst high quality full-3D visuals. Over one million players have already pre-registered for the game, which is now fully available on mobile devices from today.

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When loading up Iron Throne, you’ll be greeted with a vast open world cloaked in a world of descending darkness. Only by willingly participating in real-time 3D battles, embarking on NPC quests, and building up an army of your own will you stand a chance of winning. Thankfully, your journey to the throne isn’t a burden you’ll need to bear alone, as there are various heroes ready to be obtained.

Reigning over your own empire in Iron Throne means having to recruit these allies, assigning them to fight by your side or having them operate as officials/ captains of their respective castles. Needless to say, this battle is one fought with as much brains as brawn. The strategy comes in cleverly growing these warriors as well as yourself over time.

Those wanting to take the fight to other players online can rest easy knowing that Iron Throne provides many options. From the traditional yet satisfying Team Deathmatch to a everybody’s latest favourite Battle Royale, items and XP gathered in these modes are sure to have their valuable uses in the game’s main campaign.

Bolster your defences against one million others and rise to the top in Iron Throne, available for iOS and Android devices today.

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