The global release of Soul Seeker - The 6th Knights is just around the corner

By , on October 17, 2018
Last modified 2 years, 11 months ago

The first Soul Seeker game was downloaded more than nine million times worldwide, so it's easy to see why developer Clegames wanted to carry on the story. Now the South Korean company has created a follow-up instalment: Soul Seeker - The 6th Knights. Following a soft launch in the Philippines today, it'll be rolled out to a global audience on November 1st.

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The latest game sees the return of the original's eclectic mix of heroes, only this time the battles are more focused on strategy. The action takes place in Hermes; the continent's stability hangs in the balance once more as five warring orders of knights seek control of the five Soul Stones. These Soul Stones have the power of ancient gods bottled up inside them - just the thing to lay waste to one's enemies. You're part of the plucky sixth order - the Albion Knights - whose intent isn't to harness the power of Soul Stones for themselves, but to destroy the Soul Stones in order to protect Hermes.

In Soul Seeker - The 6th Knights, you can choose from 150 available characters to assemble a team of three heroes and three support heroes. With your merry band of brothers, sisters and furry friends too, you can dive into various play modes, whether it's completing quests in the main story, or competing in PvE dungeons and PvP arenas. Your heroes now benefit from elemental attributes: Light, Darkness, Fire, Water and Air. Not only does this allow you to target certain enemies' weaknesses, it also makes explosive visuals on the battlefield.

The 3D graphics are vibrant, and the fantasy world offers up all sorts of fun environments to fight in. Heroes appear in full, human proportions during cutscene exchanges, but are chibified in-game, gambolling about loosing arrows, swinging swords and casting spells at their oversized enemies. Even though a world hangs in the balance, Soul Seeker - The 6th Knights doesn't take itself too seriously (and is all the better for it).

Keep an eye out for the global release of Soul Seeker - The 6th Knights on November 1st. You can follow the official Facebook page for updates here.

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