Settle old scores on the high seas in GameSpire's Warships Universe: Naval Battle

By , on November 12, 2018

Fans of naval war games can enjoy an early Christmas present courtesy of GameSpire (gift wrapped in a navy blue ribbon, of course). The developer’s new release Warships Universe: Naval Battle puts you at the helm of your own destroyer, setting you against rival players.

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Manoeuvre a range of historical and customisable vessels across the oceanic battlefield, from Japan’s monolithic Yamato to Germany’s intimidating Bismarck. You’ll get to play around with battleships, destroyers, and cruisers, as you test your skills online in team against team naval shootouts.

The controls are straightforward and easy to pick up. On the left of the screen, you’ve got your directional pad and speed gauge, while the right is dedicated to controlling your aim and weaponry. The display shows you your distance from your target, a mini map, the health of your vessel along with other useful stats – without cluttering the view.

And it’s a good thing, too, since the 3D graphics, dynamic weather and rippling ocean deserve to be front and centre. Plus, you’ll want a clear view when the sparks fly and you’re exchanging torpedoes, missiles and cannon fire with enemy battleships.

If you’re looking for an action-packed, multiplayer mobile game, quit navel gazing and start naval razing in Warships Universe: Naval Battle – free from Google Play and Apple App Store.

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