Anticipated MMORPG RebirthM has started its rollout in North America

By , on January 25, 2019

RebirthM is the latest attempt to bring PC-calibre MMORPG gaming to mobile, and it’s just debuted in North America, off the back of successful launches in South America and Asia.

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Developed by South Korean studio Caret Games, the open-world adventure features polished 3D graphics, a vast fantasy world to explore and in-depth multiplayer online mechanics.

RebirthM aims to capture the scope, scale and narrative depth of a blockbuster MMORPG, and combine it with pick-up-and-play accessibility.

After choosing between the Ranger, Slayer, Berserker and Wizard classes, users will spend their time taking part in dungeon runs, battling powerful bosses and competing in PvP events. There’s also a survival mode which brings battle royale-style skirmishes to the world of RebirthM.

There are story quests to flesh out the game’s narrative and daily side missions to keep you busy, but there’s plenty to do outside of combat as well, from joining guilds to raising pets. By teaming up with other players through the Community System, users can also take part in 20-strong raids.

Caret Games is running a series of launch promotions to mark the game’s arrival in North America, and you can download it for free through the territory’s App Store and Google Play.

Furthermore, RebirthM’s global server is about to go live, so keep a close eye on its official Facebook page for updates on its worldwide rollout.

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