The latest update for Brown Dust features some devilish additions

By , on November 6, 2019

Last month was already a bumper time for new content in Brown Dust, the popular strategy RPG and gacha game. Two new Mercenaries and their Companions were introduced, a Halloween make-over was added, and there was a collaboration which saw the characters from a popular anime join the fray. Still, the devil makes work for idle thumbs. Publisher Neowiz is currently staging a new event – one which every Brown Dust player will want to take part in.

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With the latest update, Brown Dust’s ‘Run Seir Run’ event has now ended and ‘Jump-start Quest’ will take its place. Every day for seven days, new missions will be unlocked. Complete all the missions for the day to choose a ?4 or ?5 Mercenary to join your ranks, already 6 Star, max-leveled, and skilled +9. There are 10 options of Mercenary available, and each day the line-up changes, so some of your favourites are sure to pop up.

If you manage to complete all the missions across the event, you’ll also receive your choice of a Legendary Six Devils Mercenary (except Celia), also already ranked 6 Star, max-leveled, and skilled +9.. That means participating players can finish the event with eight, new and incredibly powerful Mercenaries in their team, on top of the smaller rewards gleaned from each mission completed. It’s Brown Dust’s most generous event to date.

The cherry on the update-cake comes in the form of new Companions for all the Six Devils. As with the usual Companion system, by pairing a Six Devils Mercenary with its Companion, they’ll benefit from a skill-level boost.

Try out the new and improved Brown Dust right now, and be sure to take advantage of the ‘Jump-start Quest’ rewards. Brown Dust is available for free from Google Play and the App Store.

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