Run the Beat is a musical platformer that'll test your rhythm and reflexes that's available for iOS and Android

By , on November 28, 2019

Run the Beat is a rhythm-based action platformer that aims to test your timing and reflexes in a music-focused fashion. It's available now for both iOS and Android.

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The developer Mousetrap Games has already seen some success for Run the Beat, having won the Big Indie Pitch at White Berlin Nights this year. It was praised for both its hand-drawn art style and rhythm-based mechanics.

The gameplay itself will see the main character Noty jumping, rolling and swiping his way through very obstacles in time to music on his journey to reclaim his stolen headphones that a wizard took. Various indicators of different colours appear on the screen and you'll have to tap the corresponding action at the time with the music.

Nailing the timing will help you build a combo that can lead to a higher score for climbing up the leaderboards. The soundtrack is designed so that it closely follows the action that's unfolding before you, so there'll be various musical cues that tell you when to hit each button for the best timing.

There are five different difficulty settings so if you really wish to put your timing to the test you'll be able to crank that up for an additional challenge. If you're looking for a more Zen experience then there's also a Chill mode that will make sure that your timings are all spot on.

The soundtrack you'll be listening to on your journey is a mixture of original music created specifically for Run the Beat alongside licensed tracks from artists around the world. This should hopefully give the game a good amount of aural variety that can create lead to varied levels.

Run the Beat is available now for iOS and Android as a free-to-play title with IAPs.